Beijing Zhongli Machinery

Beijing Zhongli is a comprehensive enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and overall solution of automated pastry, bakery and catering equipments. Adhering to the "all customer-centric" concept and providing comprehensive plan for the industrialized central kitchen for global customers since the company's establishment.
With the supports of expert team in various aspects, and through independent research and development and technology transfer, young Zhongli has made a lot of achievements and valuable experience in baking, quick-freezing, packaging, chemical industry, electron, machinery, mechanics, controlling, system management, cold chain logistics, business and system analysis. We have the core technology in automated pastry, bakery and catering equipment manufacture, and we have succeeded in implanting the technology of modern "Internet of things" in device.
Through the new business model design and strategic layout, the domestic market share of our products is steadily rising. The products and service concepts are highly recognized by our international customers in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, Mongolia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Spain, etc. and domestic food production enterprises. We are praised as a high-quality equipment manufacturer and respected service provider.